MMO-games – this is primarily communication and only in the second.

Be friendly. MMO-games – this is primarily communication and only in the second – the game. You can be a superchampion in solo mode, fingering the keyboard faster than a pianist and making the mouse smoke from the speed of clicks, but this will help you a little if you are not able to establish a dialogue with your colleagues on the game. You will not have a second chance to make a first impression, but it will determine your success at the initial stage. And maybe not only on the initial!

So, you chose the game. Where to begin? With the textbook! So you will save yourself from aimless throwing in trying to understand what you need to do, how everything works and where to click here. It’s better to spend 5-10 minutes reading the guide to the game. I am sure that you will close most of the “insoluble” questions and “fatal” problems. If one guide is not enough, go to the forum: there you will definitely find all the answers. But remember the point number 1: be open and friendly – start new acquaintances, which you will definitely need.

Here you are in the game. Yes, it’s small. Yes, weak. But it’s temporary! Of course, post-apocalyptic deserts or elven forests scare, but only at first. Believe me, very soon you will consider them your second (and even the first) house. But while you’re still a beginner. There is nothing to worry about: here everyone was new. Yes, even this terrible orc in armor! The coolest thing about online games is that each of your actions will be rewarded. Experience, troops, resources – anything, but every minute in the game you become stronger. Remember this and do not give up even after the most offensive and crushing defeats.

Repetition is the mother of learning. So we’ll come back to point number 2 and repeat: the more you know about the game, the more chances you have for winning. In addition to the game management and the official forum, there are still a lot of sources of information that should not be ignored. Informal forums, community of players, blogs of cool gamers, video tutorials, reviews of updates and game tactics – all this will do good. Remember: it is better to learn from other people’s mistakes than to commit oneself!