Many players make one big mistake…

Many players make one big mistake – they start playing casino online, without first having familiarized themselves with the rules. They probably believe that the norms for all online institutions are the same, and it is not necessary to spend time studying the requirements of individual clubs.

As a result, there are problems: then with the withdrawal of money (it turns out that it is in this online casino, the conclusion can be made only by stuffing one hundred euros), it is impossible to withdraw your money until you play a wager (namely in this casino it is already * 99!) . And it’s even better: you beat off, you beat that wager, and then you find out that he does not win back at these slots. It’s sad … And many nuances that can be avoided by simply reading the nuances of behavior and games in this online casino.

Although each institution has its own requirements, there are rules common to all. There are not many of them, but their execution is compulsory:

Play in online casinos can only persons who have reached adulthood.

If gambling is legally prohibited in your country, then you do not have the right to play in a casino. Since it is at this point that players cheat, indicating the citizenship of another country, many institutions simply do not technically allow playing people living in countries where online slots are banned.

When registering with an online casino, you only need to specify your real data. In most clubs, you will be required to have a copy of your passport to identify yourself when trying to withdraw money.

In all online casinos, it is forbidden to have multiple accounts. When the security service finds out that you have several accounts (and she will find out, believe me!), Then all your accounts will be blocked without the right to unlock, and all funds that will be on your accounts at this point will go to charity in favor of casino.

It is forbidden to behave incorrectly and roughly at forums, in chats, when communicating with the support service.

It is forbidden to reassign your account to another person. (Although this is quite difficult to track, so the sales of accounts that already have VIP status are thriving).

It is forbidden to use special programs that can directly or indirectly affect the operation of the site.

It is forbidden to exchange currency through the resources of online casinos.