No matter how much you read about the game.

Play with your friends. Invite a friend, friend, partner, colleague, family member or just a friend to make you a company in conquering the game world. Of course, there are a lot of social tools in MMO projects in order to get acquainted directly in the game, but, you must agree, it’s better to start with a faithful companion and ally. In addition, so you will not have problems with a girlfriend who does not like that you spend more time in the game than with her. Play together, because 2 heads are always better than one.

Be sociable. Use the function of voice chat, if it is in the game. If not, then a regular text chat is useful. First, so you yourself will be more involved in the process and play will become much more interesting. Secondly, communication is the simplest and most effective way to coordinate actions and win. This is especially true for games that require instantaneous reaction to virtual events. That’s why it’s better to use a headset with a microphone and your own voice, and do not waste time writing messages.

Practice. No matter how much you read about the game, you still need practice to win. It is desirable to be regular and with strong opponents to understand their own mistakes and correct them in the future. In most MMO games you will have the opportunity to practice in special arenas or in special game modes that will keep the overall game progress even in the event of a crushing defeat. Honor your skills, invent new approaches, try non-standard moves and innovative tactics – only thanks to unusual methods of the game you will get unprecedented results.

Not all yoghurts are equally useful, and not all games are equally complex. There are MMO games and easier. And it is better to start with just such. What is the difference? At a minimum, the interface is understandable, the availability of the training campaign (if any) and the requirements for the duration of the game session. To list both hardcore and more affordable games can be endless, so I would recommend starting the game selection right here at